Saturday, November 19, 2011


Oh, the pretty clouds. Taken at the bus stop that we walk to in the mornings. It's not long until the dawn will be after we set off for work, though.

This is a display in one of the posh shops in George Street. I understand it's supposed to be the Nutcracker, but it's fucking terrifying. Especially at quarter to eight in the morning when we go past it on the bus. Note the man's shoe in its mouth. *shudders*

Misty castle.

We went down to Portobello today. We went to the butcher (pork and leek sausages and two types of haggis) and the fishmonger (coley and haddock) and we dropped into this deli to see what they had. We bought goat cheese, and venison pate. Om nom nom. I always laugh at their sign.

Matt took me to a greasy spoon for lunch. I was charmed by their version of an omelette. It was folded over, but all the cheese and onion and bacon were on the top. It was, however, pretty damn tasty.


I think I might have reverted back a few years, clothing-wise. I was wearing my short pirate trousers with clumpy boots and stripy socks, and my new Sunnydale High School t-shirt.

Later, taters!

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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Hakuna Matata

I finished By The Pricking Of My Thumbs by Agatha Christie last night, and moved on this morning to Something Wicked This Way Comes by Ray Bradbury. I wasn't deliberately finishing the quote, it was just a cool coincidence.

Something Wicked..., by the way, is creepily scary. It has carnival freaks and people that can change you, and horrible repercussions for wishes. And it totally unnerved me - I was finishing it this evening by the light of the lampposts as I was walking home. Don't read creepy books in the dark. Word to the wise.

What else?
My birthday was on Sunday. It was a good birthday. I now have a brand new (well, old) N64 and all my favourite games. And I got to talk to Nettie, Matt made me a cheeseboard, and I had birthday truffles.

The weather's got deliciously chilly. I am making good use of my big warm coat with the fur lining and giant hood. Mmm, snuggly.

We've made a start on the new El Toro Fuerte ABC, too. It was an awfully fun thing to do on a Saturday night, even if all the cool people were out clubbing and whatnot. Don't hold your breath for it, though - we're only about a fifth of the way through, and it's got to be in order!

I also got my blood tests back from the doctor, and it appears (in their words) that I'm normal. So put that in your pipe(s) and smoke it, all you doubters!

So, as it is a nice chilly night, I'm off to make potato and leek soup.
Now, be good while I'm gone, or else.

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Wednesday, November 09, 2011


It's been a busy old time recently.

Matt's been doing some crazy overtime, and my clearing out junk we don't need from the house has been ongoing. I'm pretty proud of the amount of stuff we are getting rid of - we have chucked out and recycled bags and bags of rubbish, and the items we're giving to the charity shop take up about half of the spare room. There's still a lot of work to do, but it's quite satisfying, really.

Unfortunately, I've had a horrible glandular cold for a little while, which takes it out of me a bit.

We've also had people round a couple of times, which is nice.

So this is just a quick hello from me and the family.

More next time!

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