Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Graffiti. Graffiti-a-go-go!

Soft Cell - fair enough. Gay Bum - I have no idea.

I kind of wonder whether graffiti like this is a sign that someone's just snapped, and has to get it out...
Just kinda liked this one.

And this one. Interestingly, it is painted over the first of the graffitis mentioned in this post. It's part of a section of wall where graffiti is allowed, and designs tend to come and go.

Now, this is the site of the gallows where the last person in Scotland was hanged. The brass plaque describes this. The little skull made out of plastic tiles also seems to be some sort of commentary

These are boards for the Quartermile apartments and so on that are being built on the site of the old Royal Infirmary. It's not universally approved of. Sorry for the quality of the first two. There is graffiti, I swear. You just have to squint.

Not taken at No.1 Frankenstein Street.

Just confusing...

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Sunday, April 27, 2008

The Royal Museum, part 2

Ok, so other than the birds and the animals, I was also pootling about taking photos of general architecture.

One of my favourite galleries is the Ivy Wu Gallery. They have a desplay of tiny netsuke which I love. Sadly, this gallery is not going to be put back after the renovation.
Anyway, I took this last opportunity to take photos of a few of my favourite pieces.
Unsurprisingly, all the ones I like best feature rats.

And a couple of other things in the gallery...

Man, I love this throne. Books and a flask of tea in the side sections, a few cushions scattered on it, and it'd be fabulous, and very comfortable.

We also went round the fossils gallery. You know, I was thinking about those people who say "Oh, if you don't believe in ghosts/psychics/astrology, how dull your life must be!" And to them, I make a rude gesture.
This ammonite is over 65 million years old. 65 million! I spent about five minutes pointing to myself, then pointing to the ammonite.
"27 - 65 MILLION! 27 - 65 MILLION!"

Rather cool stalagmite.

Ropy lava and lava roses. That look somewhat like poo.


And a couple of the features in the main hall.

Although the National Museum section will be open during the refit, I'll miss the Royal Museum. I hope the next few years go quickly.

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Saturday, April 26, 2008

The Royal Museum

Today, we visited the Royal Museum of Scotland for the last time before it closes for its years-long update. The entire Royal Museum section will be closed for at least three (probably more) years.

My siblings and I grew up with this museum. We've been regular visitors for as long as any of us can remember (speaking of which, watch out for Mouse's museum post - coming soon!), and we love the place. Matt has been a regular visitor since he and I met. So we're somewhat upset about not having it for the next while. Oh, we're sure that it'll be all high-tech and snazzy and cool once it's done, but even so...

So here are some pictures.

It was very busy, as you can see...
I love the main hall. It's so soaring and beautiful.

According to Mouse, they were originally going to get rid of the fish ponds totally. However, so many people complained that they're going to try and fit them into the new design.

One of the reasons for the upgrade is that some of the animals are somewhat shabby. Ok, there's no way I can argue with that... I adore them, but they really are dusty and moulting.

(Oooh, orbs!)


I call the skeletal turtle 'Jim'. I'm not sure why.

Before I finish this post (it's long enough, I think), I'd like to tell you a little story regarding the crocodile below. Note that it isn't in a glass case like most other exhibits.
When I was a small child, someone (jokingly) said to me "Watch out! I think that crocodile just moved!" So, of course, I've always been scared of it. It still freaks me out, and that 'joke' must have been more than twenty years ago. A couple of years ago, I was at the museum, and heard a parent say to their small child "Oooh, did you see that? That crocodile just moved!" Cue small child freaking out, and the start of a life-long phobia. Nice to see the traditional family dynamics still work...

I'll leave it at that. Tomorrow I'll try to get the follow-up post up, full of fossils, netsuke, and... other stuff.

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Saturday, April 19, 2008

Come on, Eileen!

Well, we've come to an impasse with Hastings's health.

The vets have swapped her antibiotics, but it's not shrinking the abcess at all, although it does seem to be preventing it from growing. We can't put her through surgery again - it would kill her. The infection's getting into the bone, and there's nothing we can do about it.

We saw the vets last week, and again today. Nothing has changed over the course of the week. She's still in peak health other than her lump, and is fat and investigative and happy.
However, sooner or later, the abcess will start to impact on her health and quality of life, and we're going to have to make that devastating decision.

The little girls are doing well. Tig's getting bigger, and braver, as time passes. Although, when Matt was cleaning them out last night, every clang made her panic and stick her (very sharp) claws into my shoulder blades and collar bone. One step at a time, I guess.
Spock's... well, not getting any bigger. She's not scarily small and thin, or anything, but we don't think she's ever going to be a large rat. She's definitely braver than Tig is, though.

Workwise, I'm waiting for the agency to find me something. I'm trying to enjoy my time off as much as I can, since I don't really have any choice about it. Matt's been for two interviews about this Project Co-ordinator job, so we're keeping our fingers crossed on that one.

Other than work and pets, I have been spending a lot of time reading the wiki synopses for all the Twilight Zone and Outer Limits episodes. Keeps me entertained.

We spent today in town with some friends of ours, who'd flown up from England for the weekend. Lots of wandering about ensued - it's not great when there are five people, none of whom can make a decision as to what to do.

They all refused to spit on the Heart of Midlothian for luck. I suppose that's reasonable - it was originally done to show contempt for the English - but still...

Anyway, now I've boringly updated you all, I am off to make roast beef and Yorkshire puddings for dinner, whilst constantly pressing the TV on Demand button on my remote, in the hope that Doctor Who will be on there sometime soon.

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