Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Crashing down in front of the Reichstag

I need to get healthy again. I'm not one for dieting and New Year resolutions, but I have been mostly eating crap for at least a month now, and I feel like crap.

It doesn't help that the fall a couple of weeks ago means I'm finding it painful to exercise, and that I'm generally ill and tired (I ended up having to take the day off work yesterday, having been up half the night with gastric issues. I slept from 7am until 12.30, then 2.30 until 6pm.) I also suspect that my levels of depression are related to lack of exercise, which of course is a vicious circle, as lack of exercise can make depression worse.

Anyway, I'm getting some good healthy vegetables on the go - at the moment I either have vegetables and red pepper houmous or a great big (delicious) salad for lunch. The difficulties come, I'm finding, in trying to put something healthy together for dinner when I'm tired and in pain and hungry. Don't get me wrong - Matt does a lot of cooking - but most of the time I'm just too tired and miserable to wait for food, so we end up having something very unhealthy or just having toast in order that I can have eaten something and go to bed. It's really annoying because I usually love cooking, but I just have no urge at the moment.

So I think the best bet is to try and prepare a bit beforehand - I want to try these grilled vegetables with balsamic vinaigrette, which can be prepared in a big batch and be put in the fridge for use over a couple of days.
Tonight we're having some very simple stuffed peppers - halve the peppers, chuck in some halved cherry tomatoes and olive / canola oil, roast in the oven until they're nice and wrinkly, then add some chopped anchovies and minced garlic, and put back in the oven for another 15 or so minutes. Recipe from my uncle.
I found this link to a goat cheese and spinach pasta which sounds delicious. I don't think I've had whole wheat pasta before. Has anyone tried it? Is it very different from yer regular pasta?

I'm always open to learning new things. What are your healthy yet quick go-to recipes?

And I'm trying to not let my brain get on my case about how crap I'm feeling. Annoyingly, the tireder and more in pain and miserable I am, the more my stupid brain chemicals try to take me to task about it. I've been going to this site for a while now. It's funny how much calmer my brain can get in just two minutes.

PS: I made it to the gym tonight!

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