Monday, October 29, 2007


My grandmothers are coming round tomorrow night. So the flat must be tidy.
We're a bit behind, mostly because I spent quite a bit of last night shelving books. We have the interesting conundrum of having both too many books for the number of bookcases, and too many bookcases for the space. I'm still well thrilled that we have a spare room, but I'm beginning to think we need another one.

Ach, it's not that untidy, really. We have great storage, so the boxes and bags we have yet to unpack are hidden away in wardrobes, and I'm gradually working my way through them.

Today's been tiring enough as it is. I was working from eight, and doing the jobs of two people. There were a few upsets which I shan't go into, but let's just say a couple of the kids got well out of hand.

However, the show must go on and, once we tidy, I'll snap some photographs for you guys. I think you'll like it. Shabby chic is the way forward.

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Friday, October 26, 2007


It's been so long that it's difficult to get back into the swing of this bloggery malarkey.

So... what's new with me?
Well, new house.
I love this flat. It's lovely and high-ceilinged and homely. It's the sort of house that needs books and art in it.

I'm working at a school for the deaf. Now I'm rid of my vastly annoying co-worker, I love my job. I'm there for another few weeks, at least, so that's good.

God, my writing's rusty.

Oh well. I'll update again soon. I just wanted to prove I haven't quit the blog altogether.

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