Saturday, June 20, 2009

Doctor Who Exhibition at the Kelvingrove.

Right. First of all, this isn't really an educational exhibition. Other than a few bits and bobs, most of the signage just gives you a synopsis of the episode that the character or props appeared in - it seemed to be pretty much for the dedicated fan, rather than the more casual watcher. However (bearing in mind that Matt and I fall into the former category), it is a lot of fun. I spent most of the time we were in there darting about and pointing at stuff, and squeaking excitedly. It was totally awesome.
Secondly, there was quite a bit of strobe lighting, which was a bit off-putting for me, but not too overwhelming.
Thirdly, it's not a very big exhibition, but they manage to pack quite a bit into it.

Here are some of my highlights.

Zu-Zana from 'Bad Wolf'.

Lady Cassandra O'Brien.Δ17. I love her, bitchy trampoline that she is.

Despite what it says here, in the episode 'New Earth', they discuss the apple grass.

These are all props from 'New Earth' - the Face of Boe, Novice Hame, and one of the cells containing a 'patient'.


We tried not to Blink...

The drawing (the scary drawing) by Chloe Webber from 'Fear Her'. They had strobes on this, which made the eyes flash between red and dark.

Matt making friends with the Ood. (He was not actually touching the exhibit.)

They had an interesting display of the making of the Ood prosthetics.

A prototype of the Racnoss Empress.

Matt's scared by one of the Scarecrows from 'Human Nature' / 'Family of Blood'.

A Tritovore from 'Planet of the Dead'. I like these guys.

Sycorax. Actually quite intimidating, although I think the bone jewellery it's wearing is actually the same as the stuff that they used for the Sybilline Sisterhood in 'Fires of Pompeii'.

Costume detail from the Futurekind.


Bubbling Hath goo!

Hey, who turned out the lights?

The library's computer from 'Silence in the Library' / 'Forest of the Dead'.

The Host.

Note: again, Matt wasn't actually touching the exhibit here.

Close-ups of a Dalek...

...which Matt sonic screwdrivered.

The part with the freaky mannequins from 'Rose' was a little too creepy for me. Especially since some of them move. Just a little, but they move.

Me with one of the Adherents of the Repeated Meme.

There was a bit where you got to get inside a Dalek and wiggle its weapon bits and talk through a voice changer. It was pretty damn cool.

We're big nerds, so we had to pose in front of the Tardis with our sonic and laser screwdrivers.

A really nice member of staff saw us zapping each other (me with the sonic, Matt with the laser) afterwards, and offered to take a picture of us both in front of the Tardis.

This is the best exhibition we've been to in a long time, and we both loved it.

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