Thursday, August 13, 2009

Holiday 2009, Part 1.

First off, me with straight hair (and no glasses), for those who didn't see the picture on Facebook.

It wasn't beautiful weather the day we arrived in Criccieth, but we went down to the beach anyway.

The lifeboat had been out, so we stopped to watch them put it away.

It was a nicer day when we went to Porthmadog. The harbour is lovely, and Matt and I spent quite a long time leaning on the railings, discussing which boat we'd like to own.

The view from outside the house we were renting...

We went to Llechwedd Slate Caverns. It was pretty cool - we went on the Deep Mine Tour, which was a lot of fun, and only slightly difficult to get around with my stick.
This picture is part one of my "Matt, Huw and Kirsty Murdering Each Other" series.

In the deep mine.

The beautiful village of Bedgellert. This place is almost painfully pretty, especially on a sunny day.

Part two of MH&KMEO.

We drove all the way up this valley between the mountains. The views were spectacular. We'd just had a picnic by the lake in this picture.

My mum and Rowenna, Matt, and me by the lookout spot. The spiky pinnacle you can see behind us is Mount Snowdon.

We also went on the Llanberis Lake Railway, which is an adorable little steam railway.

Something we always do whilst staying in North Wales is head out to the isle of Anglesey. This is a great fossil beach we always visit, and we generally find a few good fossils each.

This one is just interesting, not a fossil.

And this one looked a little bit like Wall*E.

Huw and Kirsty seemed to enjoy themselves.

We also went to Stone Science. It's the most adorable little fossil museum. It's very British - there are paper mache dinosaurs, and everything's scruffy and disorganised.
Aargh! A dinosaur!

This was the day we went to Shell Island. Yeah, it was chilly and drizzling a bit, but that didn't make it any less fun. Huw decided we should make a tent out of our windbreak, some plastic spades and my stick.

Sorry for the lack of commentary here...
There'll be another post up soon with pictures from the rest of our holiday.

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