Sunday, February 19, 2012


I got up this morning, ready to go tippety tap and write a post.
Unfortunately, I then started watching Agents of Cracked videos (featuring my imaginary boyfriend Dan O'Brien) and, well, that was some time ago.

And I updated my friend's website for her books. And read articles on wikipedia about white blood cells and H. G. Wells and Stevengraphs. And I re-read half an Agatha Christie novel (Third Girl).

If there were an award for procrastination, I'd totally win. I'll be there to receive it in a moment. Just let me finish this one thing...

And writing this blog is something I enjoy doing! Just imagine how bad I am when it comes to boring stuff. Boring to me, I mean. This may well be boring to you. If so, what are you doing reading it? Go outside! Get some fresh air! Ride a donkey!

Anyway, today is 'get rid of all the useless non-fitting clothes that are cluttering up the house and giving me anxiety headaches' day. Or GROATUN-FCTACUTHAGMAH day for short. Hmm. Doesn't 'groatun' sound like a really unpleasant scrotum? But I digress.

I did a purge of clothing recently. And having given it a month or two, I am doing a secondary (and more vicious) purge. Have I worn it in the intervening period? If yes, fine. If no, why not? And if there is no satisfactory reason then out it goes.

I also spent some time on Friday trying on all my pairs of leggings and jeans, and getting rid of ones that were too big, or too small, or had holes in (unless they were meant to). And I managed this without going into a huge depressive body-image spiral when some of them were too small. Go me! I now have about a fifth of what I had, but I know they all fit, which is nice. When Matt wakes up (he looks pretty damn adorable and snuggly in bed, damn him!) I'm going to be going through all my drawers and getting rid of stuff I don't need or want or wear. It's pretty satisfying, actually.

And I may, last night, have looked at the state of our bedroom and called items of clothing "bitches". I am not willing to confirm or deny this.

Ok, I'm desperately trying to find a way to draw this all to a close. Maybe link the ramblings together in some coherent way.
*taps fingers*

Oh, I know! Let's just pretend it's the end of a Thundercats cartoon. Lion-O will say something moral and vaguely condescending, and then we'll all laugh at Snarf whilst only moving our heads.
Yeah, that works. Totally.

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Sunday, February 12, 2012


Matt and I have full-time jobs. We pay the rent and the bills. We have pensions and a savings account and bus passes. We donate to charity. We look after ourselves and our pets. And yet, there are a lot of people out there who would (and do) say we're immature.

Because we play computer games.
Because we are passionate about science fiction.
Because we have long and involved debates about fictional or hypothetical scenarios.
Because we buy toys.
Because (as Matt told me) every day is costume day to me.
And for myriad other reasons that make no sense.

Personally, I don't understand it. I mean, is a large part of maturity not learning who you are and being comfortable in your own skin? I think that with my thirties has come a better understanding of who I am, and an examination and embracing of all those weirdnesses that make up my personality.

I have also found myself being more publically and openly me. I'm not hiding my nerdishness, not trying to be seen as cool, not trying to be in with the 'in people', not wondering whether I maybe shouldn't say something or post something online because people will tell me it's stupid or immature or wrong.

So yeah, every day IS costume day. I'm not talking about underpants-on-the-outside type costumery, but more a work-appropriate outfit with a theme. Such as Victorian safari. Or witch. Or techno-futuristic. It's amazing what one can do with a basic outfit and some good accessorising.

And yes, today we went out to the supermarket intending to buy yoghurt and vegetables (see above re: taking care of ourselves). Instead, we bought yoghurt and vegetables and masses of reduced meat for freezing. And also a double-ended Darth Maul lightsaber. Because it's fucking awesome, that's why. (I cut the tape on the box using our axe. We're just that awesome.)

There were two noticable types of reactions from other shoppers. 1) A kind of I-also-am-a-nerd-and-I-approve nod or 2) A look of disgust.
I don't get it. In what way is this a thing that's worthy of disgust?

Yes, we're adults and yes, we're buying a lightsaber. We're not selling babies wrapped in dead kittens.

Fuck it. Matt and I are embracing our quirks. And it's marvellous.

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Sunday, February 05, 2012


It's a chilly Sunday, so today we're doing very little. Bit of napping, bit of rugby watching. And we're going to go through our freezer. It's got to that stage where it's full, and we have no idea what's in it. I really enjoy doing that sort of thing, actually. It's like an icy voyage of discovery.

I'm very much in a cooking mood this week. I don't know if it's the weather, but I want to cook all sorts of deliciousness. We've got lots of interesting and new to us foods, because we're still devoted to our philosophical path - the Quest To Eat Everything - so we have eddoes, samphire (which is amazing cooked in butter with leek and garlic, alongside salmon), sprats, globe courgettes, red chicory, and so forth. Quite excitingly (ok, excitingly for me, culinarily), Matt's recently decided that he does, after all, like rice. All the rice-based recipes that he wouldn't eat before are now fair game!

We're lucky, because one of our local supermarkets has just started doing more unusual vegetables, which makes the QTEE easier. And I did try llama the other day. It was... a little disappointing. Quite chewy and tough.
Thing is, we don't expect to love everything we try. But it's a lot of fun trying them nonetheless.


Chopped red onion, garlic, lemongrass, chilli and ginger. For...

...Chilli sauce.

Yum yum yum.

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