Monday, August 13, 2007

Prodigal Girl

Well, when I wrote that last post, I wasn't expecting it to be more than three weeks until I would even get online again.

Since my laptop crapped out on me, things have happened. Spooky things. Creepy things. Mysteeeeeerious things.

Well, no. Just things.

Let's see.
  • I'm now signed up with an employment agency, and harangue them regularly to find me a suitable job.

  • We're getting kicked out of our flat in a couple of weeks, and are moving to a new one. The flat that we've been accepted for (signing the lease next weekend, moving the weekend after, barring any horrible things happening) is a nice third floor flat in one of the parts of Edinburgh that used to be a village before the city grew and absorbed it. It's got a nice comfortable atmosphere, more space, especially storage, and a spare room. So no more will overnight guests have to sleep on a sofa.

  • Matt turned 29.

  • And despite my hatred of the festival, we made the most of it by going to see both Mitch Benn and Kitty Flanagan.

Thrilling, innit?
Nice to be (more or less) back, though.

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