Sunday, April 10, 2011

Streams of consciousness.

Yeah, you might have guessed that I'm in a dry spell, writing-wise.

I can't make any of the large amorphous ideas crystalise, and that leaves me at a bit of a loose end when it comes to writing posts, I'm afraid.

So, instead of lapsing (too much) into non-blogging, I'm just going to try and carry on. Putting up random pictures, and random links. The writing will come back sooner or later.

Because I was tagging my photos of the shelves, I was reading up on Fluorite this morning. Wiki says "The word fluorite is derived from the Latin root fluo, meaning "to flow" because the mineral is used to increase the fluidity of slags used in smelting flux." This is fascinating (I love learning new things), and the description also sparks other memories for me.

It reminds me of Wierdale (where we no longer go, as it was somewhere we went from my granny and grandad's house). And the reason it sparks memories is because when you wandered back down the valley at dusk, you could see the tiny crystals of fluorite glowing in the stream, there being more (although 'more' is a tricky word to use here) UV at dusk. So, yeah. Flowing streams and fluidity in general. Isn't it funny how your brain works?

Speaking of brains, does anyone else ever get a weird freaked out feeling when they suddenly realise that their eyes are just light-receiving holes for their brain to peer out of? No? Just me?

On that awkward note, I'll just throw some random photos up here.

Whole monkfish! The fishmonger said that it's expensive because 2/3 of the fish is wasted. I'm guessing most of that is head. Terrifying head.

Secret allotments! They are at the entrance to an industrial estate. I'd never have guessed they were there had we not had to go to the Post Office depot.

I like the Royal Mail logo. This one had the name in Gaelic.

Nah, pal.

Sword! (STILL not hung from the wall, as the stupid rawl plugs are flimsy and rubbish).

Dangermouse bag, ring, and ripped jeans. Yeah, I'm so cool.

Lovely belt, and ribcage t-shirt.

There are a few more photos up at Small Things, too. First post there in eight months!

Dresden's not been well, but seems to be responding to her antibiotics, which is a relief. And in a while we're off to listen to a talk about zombies as part of the science festival. It should be fun! This weekend's pretty good, all in all.

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