Sunday, November 28, 2010

Probe 7, Over and Out

Well, I thought it was time to do a good, old-fashioned, rambling about stuff post, as all my posts recently have had a 'theme' or 'topic' or something equally grown-up.

I'm on a bit of a clearing kick right now. I've spent a couple of days sorting through my clothes, and washing all the ones I want to give away. Because I have shedloads of clothes, and a lot of them are ones which are too big or too small for me, are unflattering to my body shape, or I just plain don't really like any more.
SO! Out they go to better homes.

I've also had to stitch the lining of my beloved bag of holding (holding abilities seen here).

Yesterday was a snow day (hooray!), and Matt and I went out adventuring.

(Going into the middle of town at this time of year is, in itself, an adventure.)
We went to do some Christmas shopping, and then went to the German Christmas market for lunch. Some of it seems to be a bit battered.

Spicy burger and bratkartoffeln. Om nom nom. We love this stand, and share these every year.

I... don't really know.

I had stupidly gone out with only one set of leg coverings on, so I needed tea to try and thaw my knees from the inside out.

The huge Big Wheel that I may be brave enough to go on again this year.

Helter skelter!

Matt looks beatific whilst eating the most amazing toastie we've ever had - cheese, leek, onion and garlic. Again, om nom nom.

I was in a brooch mood. I think I'm going to do a swap around tomorrow, and use the dangly brooches I have - a really pretty one my sister gave me for my birthday, and one that is a paint palette with little art tools dangling off it.

I just thought this was striking.


In Armstrong's. Matt is quite the gentleman (of straitened means). He did not buy the top hat, despite my impassioned urging.

Ewwwww. Glittery fabric colouring kits. Just right for Christmas!

1970s half-apron!

Mr Cook and Mr Cox. These gentlemen are now our ethical and moral guides. WWMCAMCD?

My evenings are being swallowed up by the archive of Questionable Content, a web comic that I cannot believe I haven't met before now, goddamnit!

A hit-list of some of the awesome people - fictional and non - and awesome things which are inspiring me right now.
Marianne Kirby
Tavi Gevinson
Penelope Garcia
Emily Martin
Claudia Donovan
Hercule Poirot, as he is in the books, or portrayed by David Suchet

Bags from the May 1984 issue of The World of Interiors, via The Snail and the Cyclops
Old British Red Cross Society badges which used to belong to my late grandparents.

Window displays in Walker Slater

Glass heads for wigs (I really want one)

What's inspiring you at the moment?

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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Dance like you just don't care*!

(*And are willing to share this sort of thing with the world.)

Harking back to my previous post (and the one about quitting dieting, also), I really feel like I am more confident in and of myself than I ever used to be.

Like... I don't care that I'm not a size eight. I take photos of myself that may be considered 'silly' or 'ridiculous' (see above) and I post them online. I dance and sing and playact and wear 'costume' clothes - like my tweed waistcoat and fob watch and cool new space pirate boots. I tell people that I consider them to be space pirate boots, rather than keeping quiet about it. I led a conversation about what to do in case of a zombie apocalypse - at work - the other day. I am open about my newfound love for D&D, and my agelong love for Star Trek and various sci-fi.

I have realised that people are going to think I'm weird, or cool, or eccentric, or funny, or a nerd, or all of the above. And that's good with me. Because I'd rather be open about who I am and what I like than pretend to be someone I'm not.

And I think I'm pretty awesome, actually. No matter what other people might think.

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So, yeah. You guys just may have heard that I turned 30 last weekend. Just perhaps.

I had the best weekend (including Monday off work). 30 is awesome so far!

I was looking forward to being 30 anyway. I read a quote on Marianne Kirby's blog recently which really resonated. I'd been trying to work out how I felt about this birthday, which everyone was so quick to point out was A Big Deal.

The quote runs:
Several years ago, a woman I knew who was turning 40 told me that she was excited about it because the older we get, the more practice we get at our lives. We get better at living because we have simply done more of it.

And BOOM! That was exactly how I was feeling.

I wasn't sad at the 'loss' of my twenties, I wasn't dreading aging. I was (and still am) excited.

Because, whilst my twenties were fun and all, they also involved a lot of ups and downs. And, of the people I know who are comfortable with who they are, who don't feel the need to apologise for being themselves, who are just happier in their lives... well, they're almost all at least in their 30s. And that's because of all the practising, I reckon. I wouldn't go back ten years if you paid me. I'm too excited about the adventure still to come!

Matt made me a card using my favourite ever xkcd strip – the one
that contains a highly valid philosophy of life, in my opinion.

I was allowed to poke my presents the night before, but gently, as I
wasn’t to tear the delicate wrapping paper he’d made by taping
together foil covers from chocolate eyeballs.

In the morning, I shook Matt awake quite early, and he gave me my
presents. I was thrilled with my funky boots, necklace and Sex
t-shirt. He also gave me some books, including one of my
favourite Miss Marple novels (sadly, my previous copy had fallen apart) and a DVD and, to complete my joy, a DS.
Happy Flora.

So we went out for lunch, came home, I had a nap, then Ewan came round to play computer games. And after a bit, Huw and Kirsty joined us, and we reformed our Guitar Hero band.
*does the devil horns*
We (semi) rock!
And then we went out for dinner.

I was having a joint party with my mum, as she didn't get a 60th party, due to Zeph being in hospital. We went to International Starters - a sort of non-Spanish tapas restaurant. It's really nice to go there with a big bunch of people, as everyone shares round their dishes.
My dad and Zeph and Rowenna.

Zeph spent a good proportion of the meal staring at my brother Dave as if he was slightly unnerved. It's Dave's hair, I think.

In fairness, my aunt Hil, my mum and Dave all spent quite a lot of time staring back at him.

Menfolk! Matt, Chris, Zeph and my Uncle Bob.

You can see the mutual wariness in this shot, I think.

Sharing is fun. My aunt Tricia looks on.

It's the chair - I do not have a humpback.

Huw is a startled goat, Kirsty is a leopard.

We had many (well, a couple of) drinks and much food!

And then we all went back to my house, Barnaby. For cake. You can see the one my mother made me in this photo. Sadly not pictured: The one I made her. Where the unset white chocolate ganache made it look rather like it had... man essence on it.

Uncle Huw and Zeph are wearing matching shoes. Awww.

It was all a little too much for the youngest member of the party.

Anyway, it was all awesome, and I had a great time.
I am loving my 30s so far!

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Sunday, November 07, 2010

Things that have made me happy recently.

Traditional afternoon tea!

Zeph in my awesome new hat!


Ewan and Sam!

Military gaiters with fetish boots!

Bonfire night!


Conservation Village poshness!

Beautiful new fob watch!


The gorgeous camera I have on loan!
And also, in this picture, my hair!

What's making you happy currently?

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