Saturday, November 20, 2010

Dance like you just don't care*!

(*And are willing to share this sort of thing with the world.)

Harking back to my previous post (and the one about quitting dieting, also), I really feel like I am more confident in and of myself than I ever used to be.

Like... I don't care that I'm not a size eight. I take photos of myself that may be considered 'silly' or 'ridiculous' (see above) and I post them online. I dance and sing and playact and wear 'costume' clothes - like my tweed waistcoat and fob watch and cool new space pirate boots. I tell people that I consider them to be space pirate boots, rather than keeping quiet about it. I led a conversation about what to do in case of a zombie apocalypse - at work - the other day. I am open about my newfound love for D&D, and my agelong love for Star Trek and various sci-fi.

I have realised that people are going to think I'm weird, or cool, or eccentric, or funny, or a nerd, or all of the above. And that's good with me. Because I'd rather be open about who I am and what I like than pretend to be someone I'm not.

And I think I'm pretty awesome, actually. No matter what other people might think.

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At 1:43 am, Blogger Nettie said...

I think you're pretty awesome too :D

I'm pretty open about the crazy shit I like or do and people often find me odd because of it. For example my Dad was horrified when I stopped to take a photo of some discarded knickers the other day and was even more horrified when I told him about the photo I have of the perfect vomit I found on a footpath.
Then there are some people just don't 'get' Frisky Dingo and look at me funny when I laugh myself silly.
And some people were thinking of locking me up in a nice padded cell after the whole Mopsie incident.

But it's things like this that make life fun :)

At 1:45 am, Blogger Nettie said...

Oh and I must also say, you're one of the only other people I know who, if they found themselves in the 'nipple-slicing' incident I found myself in, would not hesitate to share that on the internet!

At 2:17 am, Anonymous DavePrime said...

Aewsome Possum, Flora!

When someone reaches the point you have, it is like the whole world seems to open up with new found possibilities and wonderfulness! Suddenly, you realize that you ARE the mythical "adult" and there isn't anyone or anything out there to tell you what to do or how to act. (Within reason, of course.) LOL


And the captcha of the day sounds like some kind of soup: worbase.

At 1:32 pm, Anonymous djm said...

Yeah nothng wrong with being honest about who you are. I wrote misfits- on my facebook- all about that as my mate is always trying to be part of the in crowd while disguising his interest in trains! What you consider to be stupid though is what I see as fun! my life is full of so called stupid pics!


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