Saturday, August 14, 2010

Aussie Madness

Christian looking insanely enthused.

Roof and balconies.


Nettie and Christian Learning (about pulleys) By Doing.

Rowenna testing her reflexes.

Giant pump thing.

Racing car.

I have no idea what startled Rowenna and Zeph so.

Paolozzi, my favourite sculptor, has made these awesome statues/cases for the museum. They're all in the shape of people, with little glass display cases in them to hold small pieces of jewellery.

Ball o' bones, by Andy Goldsworthy.

Viking treasure!

Greyfriars Bobby's grave.

Once we got home, we just all hung out for a while...

Chris came round once he finished work, and gave Zeph his dinner. For a cute baby, Zeph sure can look disgusting sometimes (I think it's the orange sauce that makes it so bad)!

Matt and Christian were playing computer games. Nettie has a remarkably similar photo of the two of them from when we were in Australia.

The following day, we went to play skittles at the Sheep Heid Inn. I only got one photo (but Nettie has photos and videos).

The day after that, some of us went up Calton Hill. We all helped each other up on to the National Monument.

It was pretty windy up there...

...but we had some nice views.

Even better were the views from Nelson's Monument, which Nettie and I braved.

Then we took some slightly innuendous photos involving sitting on a cannon.

And then we went to the Museum of Childhood, which was preOHFUCKWHATTHEHELLISTHAT? FOR THE LOVE OF CHRIST GET IT AWAY FROM ME!!!11!1

'Til next time, my dears.

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At 6:34 am, Blogger Nettie said...

I have some even more incriminating photos of both you and I on the giant canon ;-)

*sigh* I miss you guys so very much :(


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