Monday, June 07, 2010

Style Guru, part two.

So, allow me to hark back to a previous post for a moment.

I am still really getting involved with my clothing. It's pretty new to me. Not clothing, obviously, but this... well, I suppose it's this enjoyment of it that's new.
I mean, I've always liked certain styles of clothes, but now I find myself actually seeking out articles about them. I realised on Saturday night that two of my great style icons are Penelope Garcia from 'Criminal Minds' and Marianne 'The Rotund' Kirby. Ok, so one's fictional and the other isn't. But they both have such wonderful and FUN ways of dressing. And I think that's what has finally clicked for me - that it doesn't matter what you wear, providing it makes you feel good. And that wearing, say, my studded ankle boots and my studded wristband make me feel really bad-ass on a day when I am otherwise sleepy and just trying to get through work.

Or that wearing ridiculously dangly neon pink chandelier earrings, or my purple leopard-print tights (as seen in my Style Guru post) make me feel kitschy 1970s glamorous, even when waiting for the bus in the rain.

Or that wearing my 'Minnie Mouse' skirt, with its polka dot sash and netting underskirt, or wearing my 'confused bunny' necklace (adapted from a keyring) just cheers me up.

I think part of this new-found delight is due to my having found a whole lot of lovely websites and articles that celebrate people's unique stylings.
I love 'What I Wore Today - In Drawings'.

And I recently discovered 'Worn Fashion Journal', which seems to be how I think of clothes. No 'this is by a designer, so you should wear it' nonsense. Just people talking about how they like to express themselves sartorially. I adore it.

So... yeah. Whilst this may be another mood of my legendarily fickle creativity, I'm enjoying it.

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At 3:35 pm, Blogger Nettie said...

I love the way Garcia dresses too! I really liked that polka dot dress she wore in one of the eps, I think there's a flash of it right at the end of the opening credits when they show the group shot of them. Gorgeous!

At 3:40 pm, Blogger Paintices said...

Hey! Great blog, pics and style :)
Just passing by...


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