Sunday, April 18, 2010

The robots are coming!

When you're sitting on the bus, and it's raining outside, and the windows are hard to see out of because they have raindrops trickling down them, and you're a little bit sleepy... I think you can be forgiven for momentarily confusing these traffic signs for the security robots from WALL·E.

Did a wee bit of babysitting today, whilst Mouse played with the samba band. Zeph had his very first performance as samba baby! He doesn't have much in the way of samba stamina, though. He gave up playing after only a few minutes, and then fell asleep while I was holding him. Pfft. Five-month-olds.

Sometimes, the most interesting photographs I take are those where I have an idea, vaguely point the camera, then just see what it looks like. I am very fond of this one.

I'm needing to get going with more exercise. Not for any weight-loss reason, particularly, but because I just... feel like I need to. Due to changes at my job, I now spend every second week sitting down a lot more than I used to, and I can feel that taking its toll. I get quite jittery, and occasionally sprint down the corridor to burn off some energy (everyone does that at work sometimes, right? I'm not a freak?) I mean, I'm still walking quite a bit in work, and carrying heavy files, but not as much as I have been. It's still a lot more of a physical job than a standard desk job is.

So, I can't do anything high-impact, because my knees are shot to hell. When it's nice out, I sometimes get the bus halfway home, then hop off and walk the rest of the way around Arthur's Seat, which is beautiful. But you know how it is - if it's rainy and cold, I just can't bring myself to walk it, and get the bus instead. It's the weather's fault. Totally. Not that I'm lazy or anything...

I think I'm going to try to walk at least part of the way home on nice days, and maybe I should find the Wii Sports disc. I really enjoy the tennis, and it gets me moving, which is good. I am also still doing Callanetics, but just for five minutes a day. I had to give up a lot of the leg exercises ages ago, since they were taking too high a toll on my knees. I just don't want to make any high-energy resolutions that I'm simply not going to keep.

What do you guys do for exercise? Any ideas or recommendations?

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At 6:55 pm, Anonymous oppiejoe said...

Same job situation for me - sitting for 8 hours a day. I walk around the campus and surrounding fields when my son is in school 3 days a week... and have gotten ticks on me twice doing so. *shudder* I have seen lots of wildlife though in a pretty urban area.

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At 10:09 pm, Blogger Acci said...

Apparently swimming is one of the best exercises for people with bad joints; it provides all-over resistance, so it gives you an all-over workout without lots of sudden shocks and strains. Plus you can play games while doing it. Or get eaten by piranhas.

Then there's what is supposed to be THE best workout, but you'd need Matt's help with that one. . . ;-)

As for myself, most of my being active in a recreational sort of way is walking, bicycling, or climbing around. Plus there's messing around in the yard (carrying around cinderblocks or 40-pound bags of birdfeed can get you a bit of exercise), as well as being swarmed upon and attacked by various kids and cats.

At 4:24 am, Blogger Nettie said...

I love the photos hun, especially the necklace :)

I really can't suggest anything other for you to be doing - the walking a few extra bus stops sounds like a great idea and I know that you and Matt walk around a lot on the weekends...
I know what you mean though about feeling the need to exercise. I've found lately that I just have no energy to do anything and I know that when I am exercising regularly I have heaps of energy. It's just one of those annoying situations where you have to really puch yourself to do something, knowing that the benefits won'y be immediate.


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