Sunday, May 30, 2010

Amsterdam, part two.

There are a lot of stairs up to the apartment.

On the Sunday, we set out early to the Van Gogh Museum. We got there half an hour before it opened, and there was already a queue. It was fascinating, and I was thrilled that one could get in good and close to the paintings, and thus get an opportunity to see all the little details. In similar museums and galleries over here, you're cordoned off from the pieces, and you just don't get the same impression. A lot of the paintings are the really famous ones, and it was just so exciting to be able to view them like that! [/art nerd]

Afterwards, we headed out to the Tropenmuseum, which is a fabulous place - we investigated rooms full of statues, and weird musical instruments, and tribal costumes. We wished we could spend a lot longer there.

I was pretty tired by this point.

But onwards!
We found the Sex Museum, and felt we really had to investigate. It was quite interesting, but I must admit that there are only so many penises one can look at before it becomes a tad dull. And I don't know whether I'm too knowledgeable about certain things, or whether my friend who'd told us about the museum is really innocent, but there wasn't really anything in the displays that I found particularly shocking.

After we left the museum, we just ambled around the city for a bit, dropping by the red light district (where I was startled by the girls in the windows - we were in a narrow street, and I'd popped into a shop. When I went in, there were no girls there, and when I emerged, the street was lined with semi-naked women in the window booths. *laughs* Startled by Sex Workers. Now, there's a good name for a band!) and just being touristy.

And this is our local coffee house, of which we were very fond.

Join me soon for the culmination of our adventure!

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At 4:26 am, Blogger Nettie said...

LMAO I love the pic of Matt with the giant penis! It kind of reminds me of the photos we had with that sculpture in Mundaring when you guys were here.


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