Friday, July 23, 2010

I know how bees work!

So, Nettie and Christian arrived at Glasgow airport at around lunchtime on Saturday.
We made it through to Edinburgh, got them their bus passes, and headed home. It was a pretty quiet evening - they were jetlagged, we were knackered, so we went to bed quite early.
The next morning, they were up at 5.30. I was awoken at 6.30 by the noise of them trying to do the previous night's washing up very quietly. Since we were up, Nettie, Christian and I went for a walk through Duddingston village and about Arthur's Seat. Matt went back to bed.

Nettie and Christian in front of Duddingston Kirk.

Then we went into town. We didn't really have any plan, other than wandering about.

Edinburgh Uni's McEwan Hall.

Greyfriars Bobby.

Christian decided not to buy the hat.

Piggy and Nettie.

This photo did not go according to plan.

We also went to Poundland, and bought items for going camping. These included, but were not limited to: beautiful raincoats (this one modelled by Nettie)

: A very cheap (i.e. £1) and somewhat psychadelic football

: A Rubik's Snake which, no euphemism intended, has given Christian many hours of fun.

Join me soon for the Highland installment!

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At 6:33 am, Blogger Nettie said...

Ummmm, you didn't explain the 'I know how bees work' thing...everyone else may be slightly the hat factory...and the shark...

At 8:19 am, Blogger Shawna said...

Yeah, I was kind of wondering about the bees thing...though it looks like everyone is having fun!

At 1:45 pm, Blogger Hieronymous Anonymous said...

I know I didn't. That was purposeful.


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