Sunday, June 27, 2010

Schrödinger's moods.

It's now less than three weeks until Nettie and Christian come to visit. I am alternating between insanely excited, and panicking about all the clearing and tidying I still have to do.
So yesterday, whilst knowing we're trying to cut down on our junk, we picked up some stuff from my granny that she didn't want any more, and then we went to Ikea.
It's all useful stuff (well, mostly), but still...

We're replacing what I described to Nettie as the 'big horrible plastic thing' we have in the bathroom. It's ugly, it's too wobbly to actually store much in, it looms over the whole room, and what's in it currently? Toiletries that I have been given as presents at one time or another, and never used, and a couple of bottles of conditioner.

Please note that all our other toiletries are sitting next to it. Well, what's the use of that, then?
So it's gone now.
Much better, don't you think?

We also set up our batch of raspberry vodka.
Hopefully it'll work.

And we've done some scrubbing of patches of damp in the bathroom, and we've done a bit of clearing in the spare room, and we've I've done a whole bunch of washing up, and Matt's done some laundry, and we're really feeling very domestic today. And excited. Don't forget excited.

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At 8:03 pm, Blogger Shawna said...

But are you excited? ;-)

Love the new look for your , toiletries--much more organized! And the raspberry vodka looks good, too, though I've never actually had vodka. I think I just like the idea of booze-soaked fruit! lol

At 10:41 pm, Blogger Acci said...

Going to use the chili vodka to clean the bathroom tiles? It might even be able to burn off old layers of paint! ;-)

At 11:28 pm, Blogger Nettie said...

Oooooh, your bathroom looks great now!
But trust me kiddo, don't go crazy with the cleaning just cos we're coming, we really don't care! I don't want you stressing!

And I am so ridiculously excited! :D


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