Sunday, January 15, 2012

Dance With The Rabbit

Peh. You know how some people with depression get all super-creative and whatnot when it gets bad? Well, that is not me. I get all mumpy and boring. And I irritate myself. You think I'm annoying now? Try living in the same head as me!

Anyway, I had this ghastly stomach virus thing which led to me not absorbing my anti-mental pills for a couple of weeks, and now I'm having to put up with the stupid brain chemicals until the meds start working again. Fun, fun.

The virus has also left me with short-term lactose intolerance, which is bloody awful, as it means I can't eat cheese without a lot of pain. And you guys know how much I love cheese. We were in a supermarket cafe yesterday, and I came thisclose to breaking through the clear barrier and licking the macaroni cheese. *sigh*

Mind you, it gives me an excuse to google new recipes (like I need an excuse), and prompted me to make Thai chilli sauce from scratch last night, so that's good, I guess? Silver lining?

Whatever. I want cheese.

So, new year. New EXCITING year, as we've booked our time off work to go and see Nettie and Christian! Yeah, it's not until October, but that's only nine months away now, and therefore it is easily near enough for Nettie and I to start being intolerably excited. Nettie's already posted a list of things we're planning to do, so I won't recreate that here, but you can see from her blog that it's going to be AMAZING. We love Perth, and we love Nettie and Christian, and now I'm working myself up into a state of incomprehensible excitement (again), so I'll stop typing about that.

Other than that, nothing particularly of note has been happening over the last couple of weeks. Work, sleep, books, food, N64. That's about it. So have some pictures from over the festive period (not of my stomach virus, though. You should thank me for that). Many of them are of Zeph and Belle, so if you are uninterested in toddlers and dogs, now would be the time to stop looking at this post. Seriously. Close your eyes. Try and navigate away from the page using only your own innate power of internets.

This is either Dave reading to Zeph, or Zeph reading to Dave. I'm not sure which.

The look of awe on a nephew's face as he sees all the Christmas presents for the first time!

On the way back from (my only annual visit to) church, Huw and I found this. I was all "Look! That rust! It's a rabbit doing a dance! Dance with the rabbit!", so he did.

Matt and Rowenna were the Dingbat Winners. To the relief of everyone, because that meant the game was finished (it's a madly annoying game, yet we still always play it).

Once Thomas joined the cage match, it was all over bar the screaming.

Sometimes Belle is just so mad that even the two-year-old notices. Here, she's staring at the wall to see if her friends (light reflections) are going to come and visit.

Zeph LOVED his little motorbike.

Cutest dog in the world.

I played around on Photoscape with this one. I like it. It's very 70s.

A walk round the loch at New Year. It sleeted. And Zeph gave up on the way back.



I love this one of my dad, Rowenna and Zeph taking a shortcut.

Awwww... Huw and Kirsty, looking handsome and pretty, respectively.

Travelling in style.

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