Sunday, January 18, 2009

Some more Australian stuff.

How has your weekend been? Good?
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As you might be able to tell, some of my weekend has been filled with less-than-stellarly-valuable pursuits (some might say. Not me, however). Such as looking at 50+ pages of cuteness on icanhascheeseburger, and reading through the entire archives of xkcd (this is still my favourite one, though). The Red Phone is a nifty little comic for those of a more liberal persuasion, too.

I had a date last night, too. I dressed up, Matt cooked, we watched a movie, we pretended not to be two people who've barely spent a day apart in nearly a decade... we both had a lot of fun.

Right, so.
Pictures of Australia.
I figured that you guys already know what went on, from reading Nettie's descriptions of it. So all you're getting from me are photographs and a few lines of text. It's the only way I can get through them all without imploding. Sorry about that.

Kangaroos! In the wild(ish)! At Mundaring Weir!

I think Matt was challenging this one in Perth to a fight...

The bell tower.

I adore this piece of Public Art. Oh, and there are people hanging out at it.

Matt with his incredible winnings from the casino...

...and the aftereffects of the casino night.

Nettie blends in at the sculpture park.

Fremantle has some lovely, and strangely Portugese, architecture.

Awesome, awesome name.

"People Alive"? Yeah, I'd bloody hope so...

Ok, for a bagpiper, this guy was pretty cool.

And that's all for this round. I promise (an actual promise, this time) to be back soon with pictures from the Pinnacles, the zoo, and the wildlife park. They're pretty good, I'm telling you!

Time for me to go, but I'll leave y'all with this picture, which is pretty much an illustration of my personal motto.
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At 6:37 pm, Blogger Shawna said...

Very nice! Hadn't seen the one of the public art piece before--pretty cool! :)

Can't wait to see more!



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