Sunday, December 14, 2008

Photodump part... whatever. The Park.

I'm taking a break from the Aussie pictures. Because it makes my brain hurt, that's why. Don't ask.

I recently received a belated birthday present from my in-laws - a beautiful new Nikon Coolpix S210. I gave Matt my old camera (which mostly works fine), as he'd never had a digital camera. Don't worry, I'm not depriving him. He's never really been interested in buying one. So, last weekend, Matt and I went for a nature photography trip to the woods in the park right by our house.

We found an area where someone (not me) had set fire to a bed along with sundry other items.
I love this sort of thing. They make such interesting photographs.

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At 12:02 am, Blogger Acci said...

Is there a black and white setting on your camera, or is that something you did to the pictures after putting them onto your computer?

And where's the famous bright shiny Scottish sunlight?!?

At 4:56 am, Blogger Shawna said...

I really love those pics, especially the black and white ones. The one of the tree roots makes me think of fairies or pixies playing amongst them...and I wish I could draw them...

And what are all the red berry thingies, do you know? We've got some trees here that have lost all their leaves but still have clusters of red berries all over them, and I have no clue what they are. I should probably look them up or


At 12:06 pm, Blogger Nettie said...

I love playing with the B&W and Sepia settings on my camera. It's so much fun :)

I love the pic of the ropes frame.

Oh and my word verification is 'azombe'
He he he

At 10:58 pm, Blogger Tah said...

Great pictures. And some of them could even be raised to a status of "awesome". ;-)


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