Saturday, March 04, 2006

Saturday. Hello there!

We went to bed early last night. Well, not early early, but pretty damn early for owls like us. A bit after midnight.

So we got up early this morning. Well, not early early, but pretty damn early for owls like us. About 9.30 for Matt and 10 for me*.

It was weird. We usually stay up until the early hours, then sleep at least until lunchtime.

So, Matt was trying to fiddle with the new sound card for the computer, then we watched some Bill Bailey, then I got out out of my pyjamas (and into my clothes) and we hopped onto a bus into town**.

We went to one of our favourite places for lunch, a place called the Babylon Cafe. It's wonderfully seedy. It's small and cramped, the ketchup tastes like it's been watered down with vinegar, there's always some old woman chain smoking in there, the waitresses are, without exception, Eastern European and easily confused... but damn, they make good omelette and chips.

Then we went to see the Monster Creepy Crawlies exhibition at the National Museum. It was very cool. We managed to nab ourselves the 'trail' booklets that were meant for kids, so we spent an enjoyable hour wandering about, answering the questions and using the ink stamps.

We were thrown to realise it was only about 2.30 when we left the museum. So we went for a cup of tea, I lusted after the clothes in Electric Cabaret and Underground Nation (I'm saving up for a new pair of boots and, therefore, can't afford any clothes), then we headed home.

We stopped for a pint in our local on the way, and there was the most wonderfully drunk old man there. He just kept shouting (in a broad Scots accent) Dangermouse! Dangermouse! The best detective in the world!
He was so funny.

And now we're watching rugby, and I'm looking for magnified images of insects on Google, as I have an idea for a series of drawings.

*One of the reasons I got up so early was because, despite me wearing the pyjamas of snugness, and being under a duvet and four blankets (including the Blankie of Ultimate Warmth) I was still too cold to doze off again. Our bedroom's so icy!

**Sometimes you just don't feel like walking uphill for 20 minutes. That's my excuse, anyway.

Sorry, this is a really dull post, isn't it?
Well, that was my day.


At 9:54 pm, Anonymous accipiter said...

Ooooo, Dangermouse! That guy obviously had at least some class.

Did you bring home any creepy-crawlies from the museum? Madagascar roaches are fun, because they hiss loudly and terrorise people utterly. They're great for surprising people with. . .

At 1:04 am, Blogger ScarletManuka said...

When your bodyclock gets thrown out of whack, it can be really hard to adjust to the day. If I'm tired enough that I actually do sleep in, for the rest of the day I keep on freaking out that it's so late and saying 'Where's the day gone?'.

I have a feeling that I'll go a bit mad when I turn up at your place and have to deal with the different time zones.

And I wish it were icy here :-(
Our forecast for the next seven days is mid to high 30's all week.
*grumble grumble*

At 9:08 am, Anonymous smerk said...

Boring post? Never! Sounds like an exciting day was had (even if you did get up earlier than normal).


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