Saturday, January 28, 2006

Saturday Night Fever

Today we went to IKEA. A lot of people seem to consider IKEA to be some sort of suburban hellhole, but I like it. It seems cheery.

Plus we tend to avoid the maze-like furniture areas unless we absolutely have to go into them. They're disturbing, those bits. There are little shortcuts through the dividing walls, but they always lead to areas that you could swear were on the other side of the building, and sometimes on a different floor.

No, we go there for the cheap kitchenware, the cheap hotdogs, and the plant section. Mainly the plant section.

You know our problem with our plant obsession, but yet again we left the shop with two new plants, and several extra plant pots.

We bought Erica, who's an Areca, and Tasha, who's a fig tree. Her and Ben should get on. We thought females were slightly under-represented, so they should even things up a little.

And we went to the supermarket out by IKEA, where they stocked some delicious (but expensive) Lapsang Souchong (or Lapdog Shoesnog, as Stephen Fry says) tea, and fresh scotch bonnet chillis. They don't stock the chillis in the branch near our house, needless to say.
We love our chillis.
Of course, I managed to get chilli juice in my eye and in a cut on my hand whilst chopping them, but that's a small price to pay for the deliciousness.

So I shall spend my evening watching improbable crime dramas, eating steak and stuffed potatoes (we always eat late on a Saturday), reading, and pootling online.

So that was my Saturday. What did you do?


At 11:52 pm, Anonymous Madmouse said...

Came to Ikea with you, of course. And yes, it is cheery. And cosy, in an oddly spacious and well-lit sort of way.


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