Saturday, January 14, 2006


I've been ill. Remember those symptoms I had? Multiply them by about 13 times, and there you have it. Fevered for about a week. Very unpleasant. I'm getting better, though. All that's left is fatigue, a hacking cough, depression, and a foul temper (I'm so sorry, Chary). Back to work on Monday, thank god. I never thought I'd say that, but it's so boring to be at home all the time. I completely ruined Matt's festive holiday, though, for which I feel very bad.

Today we went to the pet shop. We missed our little rodenty companions. We bought a little brown and white fluffy hamster.
It's called Johnny 'The Bullet' Ransom: Soldier of Fortune. It may or may not be a boy.

I'm going to stop updating now, as the computer's on the floor, and my back's starting to hurt. However, it's nice to be blogging again.


At 10:48 pm, Blogger LaMa said...

Wellcome back in the World of Blogging my Love!

Good to see you recuperate again.

At 4:28 am, Blogger ScarletManuka said...

You have no idea how much I've missed you babe.
It's wonderful to hear that you're ok now.
Welcome back!

At 11:07 am, Anonymous accipiter said...

Yay! She has returned!

Maybe you and Matt can have a festive holiday of your own, after you're fully recovered. Chinese New Year, for example. Take a weekend to go wild. Light some fireworks, decorate a tree, roast an ox, whatever.

At 12:30 am, Anonymous smerk said...

Good to have you back!

At 8:40 pm, Blogger Charybdis said...

It's okay, kiddo.


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