Monday, February 20, 2006

Badgering the beef.

*Why does everyone badger the beef?
'What's the beef?' 'Where's the beef?'
What are you, its mother? Leave the poor beef alone! Go pick on gammon for a while.

Or, in fairness, the beef may be terminally indecisive and introspective. What is the beef? If I'm the beef, do I have a personal identity, or am I, or what is thought of as me, merely part of a collective?

I want a t-shirt with 'Badger the beef, harass the ham' on it.

*Today I managed to stab myself in the eye with a screwdriver. And my left thumb feels like I've broken it. On the good side, the worrying lump under my arm (which some of you already knew about) turns out to definitely not to be a tumour. So hurrah.

*Matt bought me an umbrella with The Incredibles on it. I love it. It's rained since I got the umbrella, but always when I'm on my way back from work, so I didn't have it with me. So, in a manner most pathetic, I resorted to taking a bin bag out to the big bin on the street whilst it was drizzling, just so I could use it.

Photo Time: the greatest hero of them all!

Matt in his parents' garden. Looking scowly.
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The stream at the bottom of self-same garden.
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It took me ten minutes to get a photo of Mhing the supercat not licking himself.
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Dead Pigeon in the centre of the road just up from the BDP. I risked my life for this shot.
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Really happy graffiti. I have the image of the author of this just suddenly deciding that they needed the world to know!
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The Scottish Hobo Society.
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Riot! Anarchy! Rawk!
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This one's a classic example of someone who didn't plan the spacing of their anarchist statement properly.
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At 5:52 pm, Blogger Mort said...

Ah, these graffiti artists, can they not just go and learn punctuation, spelling and grammar?

It would make their message so much easier to determine!

Does this mean the Reclam The Strets people are back? And with a bigger budget?

At 9:54 pm, Anonymous Charles said...

oo, I love pie as well!!

and boy, that pigeon really took one huh?

Matt looks quite umm, well I think you said it best "scowly".

At 11:57 pm, Blogger ScarletManuka said...

I agree with Mort that they're back but with a budget. We should be afraid, very afraid.

And Matt's parents' garden looks so pretty!

At 1:03 am, Blogger Your Secret Snowflake... said...


You'll have to go to this festival and take some picture of the reclam the strets people.

At 9:00 am, Anonymous accipiter said...

Mmmmm. . .that stream picture takes me back to carefree childhood memories of damming and diverting small rivulets for hours of amusement. Those were the days.

I wonder if anybody would mind if I dammed the river here? I'm sure that if the freighters built up enough headway, they could jump the barrier. . .

At 8:07 am, Anonymous Someone Other Than Me said...

I like Gammon :)

My cat seems to clean himself all the time too :)


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