Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Some stuff.

This (which I just found out about) sickens me. Not the woman and the result of the court case, but the medics.

I've just finished We Need To Talk About Kevin by Lionel Shriver. It's about a woman who is the mother of a sixteen year old boy. He goes to school one day and kills seven students, a cafeteria worker, and a teacher. It's entirely narrated (after the fact) through her letters to her estranged husband. It's surprisingly good. I actually found it got creepier and more gripping the further in I got. Mind you, there's one bit which is bugging me because it doesn't seem to fit.

I'm constantly surprised that a male author can write a believable female character, or vice versa. It makes me wonder whether any one person is made up from all the stereotypes and views of others.
But then I suppose that there is no originality any more. Every story told is a story that's been told hundreds of times before, in locations spanning the globe.

And on a lighter note: Holy Moley! I didn't realise it was SG1 gay porn at first. Not until someone mentioned Colonel O'Neill. (I found it through one of the sub-pages on a (actually quite innocent) Google search.)


At 8:05 pm, Anonymous Madmouse said...

Apparently, Lionel Shriver is a woman.

At 9:40 pm, Anonymous Charles said...

hmm, you would think that EMS's would be a bit more sensitive...I guess you get a bit desensitized being around blood and guts all day every day..still though, pretty disturbing.

Not a big fan of SG1 or gay porn for that matter and since I am at work I will wait till later to check that out.

At 9:41 pm, Anonymous Madmouse said...

The SG1 porn is somewhat disturbing, but strangely compelling...

At 11:49 am, Blogger ScarletManuka said...

I know what you mean about the women writing as men thing and vice versa. I almost always write female leads in my stories because I just don't think I have the knack of correctly portraying a bloke.

At 2:00 pm, Blogger Hieronymus Anonymous said...

Despite the author I was using to illustrate the fact has turned out to be a woman.


At 10:30 pm, Anonymous accipiter said...

I was once treating a man who had a bad leg injury, and when I cut off his pants I discovered that "he" was missing a few parts traditionally associated with a man, and that lack wasn't due to the injuries. It was a bit of a surprise, yes. But you don't sit around and stare or chat about it, though. Or if you do, at least wait until after you've stabilised the patient.

And that SG1 thing didn't make much sense to me at all, but then I know absolutely nothing about the series and characters. I saw the movie Stargate once, and that's it. And being neither gay nor a fan of porn, I don't think that I was the target audience anyway.

At 1:56 am, Blogger Your Secret Snowflake... said...

Another series in which the (male) author writes a convincing Female character:

Bloody Jack
The Curse of the Blue Tatoo
Under the Jolly Roger

Good books all, I reccomend them to anyone looking for a diversion when they are sick.

At 7:21 am, Anonymous Nowhere Man said...

I tend to use a large number of girlies heroes in my books.

I don't know how convincing they are though I'll have to see if a publisher bites.

I'm not even going to consider checking out the gay porn thing, in fact I'm not even going to mention it, so ignore this paragraph.

At 11:12 am, Blogger Mort said...

I do hope my IT dept don't get wind of me looking (Briefly, may I add!) at that site!

I have a reputation to uphold!

At 12:44 pm, Blogger ScarletManuka said...

Your masculinity is safe with us Mort ;-)

At 8:50 am, Anonymous accipiter said...

But. . .are we safe with him???


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