Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Far and fire and family and faffing.

What do you get if you just google 'how far is it?'
This site, which kept me amused for a good ten minutes, until I realised how depressingly far away I am from most of my friends.

So, after the flames, exploding, melting and so on, we finally have the light back in the living room. My dad dropped round to help Matt change the light fitting, then dropped me at Rowenna's, where I helped her create a blog. I think she has to now go help my brother with something, and then he... anyway. Where was I*? Oh yes. So, it took a couple of hours, and a realisation that I was going to have to explain as I would to a child (her description, not mine), but we got there in the end.

*Note the slightly self-conscious 'where was I' there, as I did realise where I was meant to be going, because I read back the beginning of the rambling. But at the same time I do tend to type this silly bloody webpage just as I would speak it, in which case I wouldn't have been able to read it back and would have had to have you remind me. So perhaps it's not as pretentious as it might seem. Or perhaps it is. Leave me alone!

Useful to know...

*ahem* 'True' ghost stories.

The Chronicles of George.


At 12:55 am, Anonymous accipiter said...

Hey, at least none of the mileages for your good friends go up into the 5-digit realm (*curses the guys who are sitting around on their lunch break rather than inventing a "Star Trek" style transporter as they should be doing*).

And do you suppose that you could get George to answer your boss' computer questions from now on, instead of you having to do it yourself? They sound like a good match for each other.

At 12:07 pm, Blogger ScarletManuka said...

I didn't get to hear about the whole you being on fire incident :-(

At 12:18 pm, Blogger ScarletManuka said...

Never mind, I heard the story now!


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