Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Slip inside the eye of my mind...

I can't believe I just misquoted Oasis for that title. I feel dirty now.

Anyway, have some random!

I'm not a look-alike! is pretty cool. Not people who are related. Just people who look like each other.
More images here.

If I had money, I'd be buying this cap in black. I adore it.

Matt and I have another of THOSE conversations:

We were discussing how one should never bite a mussel in half and then look at it, as it's all made of tubes inside...

F: Why do you suppose they're all made of tubes?
M: I dunno. It's how the creator made them, I guess.
F: I always thought of the whole 'creator' thing as a sort of franchise.
M: What, like there's one person who is in charge of tubular creatures? Mussels and tubeworms?
F: Yeah, pretty much. "Why do I have to just do the tubes?"
M: (as the creator of cats, to the supervisor) Well, why can't I have checks? I've done loads of spots, and I've done stripes. Why can't I have checks?
F: (supervisor) Because the humans won't accept the checks. You remember... humans. We have them planned for the long-term. You were at the meeting.
M: But...
F: No. They'll accept spots and stripes as random, but check is different. AND plaid. AND tartan. Nice try.
M: (muttering) It's not tartan. It's crosshatching.
F: Sorry?
M: It's crosshatching. It's a way of shading to make a picture look 3D...
F: I know what crosshatching is. This is not it. It's all messy. Really... I mean, look at Dave there. Sure, he's stoned quite a lot, and he gets a little slapdash with the colours, but he still gets the job done.
M: (muttering) Oh, Dave gets to be stoned. Dave is somehow special...
F: Dave doesn't suggest tartan for the songbirds. I mean... *sigh* that really makes all the difference.

Yeah, I know.

Lastly, this picture made me laugh. (WARNING: May only make sense to British viewers.)

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