Thursday, August 11, 2005

All singing, all dancing, all ummmm...

The National Trust store papers in colourful files with dinosaurs on. My sort of organisation (In both senses of the word)!

I discovered that Edinburgh is twinned with ten cities.
Munich, Nice, Florence, Dunedin, Vancouver, San Diego, Xi’ an, Kiev, Aalborg and Kyoto. Now, surely that’s not being a twin? That would be being an undecaplet. Stupid Council.

The BDP continues anon. Pictures to be added later at Chez BDP.

*There is a beautifully squishy Gaudy Pigeon in the centre of the road. Blood and guts everywhere. You can barely see the feathers for all the intestines.

*There is also a large and fluttery Seagull corpse almost central under the bridge. Possibly the Pigeons lured it there with a lovely cup of tea, as:

*There was a mug there one day, and gone the next.

*The Seagulls obviously took umbrage (umbridge! Ho ho ho) at this, and figured I was a co-conspirator, for the following day, whilst idly gazing out of the window at work, a co-worker pointed out to me, with the immortal words “I’ve just seen something really disgusting”, a large, and I mean huge, Seagull sitting on the roof of the building opposite, tearing into the innards of a Pigeon. The Seagull was really going at it too, swinging the Pigeon around, smacking it down on to the roof, ripping bits off… And then it looked at me with a ‘you next’ glint in its eye. I swear that, if it could have, it would have done that finger across throat gesture.

So if this is the last update you ever see, think fondly of me, won’t you?


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