Thursday, July 21, 2005

Doom! Dooooooooooom! Doooom!

Update from the BDP.

And comments on the last BDP post:
From 'M':
And, oh yes, reporting today's BDP mission as a failure, target had left the theatre of operations...

Indeed, the cage was removed by the time 'M' went to the bridge, a scant 30 minutes after I had been past. I smell a cover-up!

On the way home, there was sad reminders of the carnage I believe occured.
Charybdis was right when he said:
The cage contained the pigeons newest weapon - a gigantic radioactive mutant pigeon, who has now escaped into the wild. A massive birdhunt is now underway to apprehend the rogue mutant pigeon before the authorities become aware of the danger to the populace and panic ensues.

Three things are left at the site.

Firstly, a small child's Thomas the Tank Engine cap. Tragic.

Secondly, what looks like an imprint of a Pigeon's foot in the brick wall.

Thirdly, the warehouse next to the BDP has a door that has been knocked in.

I think I can, with no fear of disagreement, say that there is no other explanation for these things.

'M' has posited a theory that the mysterious coil marks (see old post) may have had something to do with the use of wire in the original capture...


At 9:05 pm, Anonymous Charybdis said...

Obviously the pigeon hulk attempted to break into the warehouse in search of food before conveniently finding and consuming a midget disguised as a small child.

The mark of the beast was left in the wall as a sign of his first kill. There will be others.

At 9:24 pm, Blogger Hieronymus Anonymous said...

The only thing I might debate is that it was a midget, rather than an actual child...

At 1:41 pm, Blogger Charybdis said...

I felt that concealing the true identity of the victim was best for the community. I didn't want to frighten the small children of Edinburgh.

At 2:46 pm, Anonymous LaMa said...

I think the cap is a deliberate bait set by the pigeon to attract the attention of innocent by-passing children...

At 6:15 pm, Blogger Charybdis said...

Oh my GOD!! It's showing signs of intelligence. The longer it's left uncaptured the more powerful it will become. Flee Edinburgh while you still can, if it's not too late already!


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