Friday, July 15, 2005

And from the BDP...

Upon our return, the following things were noted at the BDP.

*No new Dead Pigeons.

*Remains of Headless DP.
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*Other remains in the centre of the road.

*Mysterious spiral marks covering all pavement under the BDP, but nowhere else.
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Giant worms? Tremors? Giant slinkies? Feel free to offer suggestions.

*Not BDP related, but some interesting graffitti.
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Thanks to the elusive and useful 'M'.


At 10:12 am, Anonymous LaMa said...

Spirals: cleaning?

e.g anti-weed or moss cleaning

At 10:13 am, Anonymous LaMa said...

Chemical cleaning that is

At 9:20 pm, Anonymous Charybdis said...

The spirals look like coiled hose. Was there any work done under the bridge that might have needed a compressor and have caused a mess? Maybe sandblasting or something similar?

At 3:33 am, Anonymous accipiter said...

After long and careful study, I have developed several theories regarding the mysterious symbols on the ground beneath the bridge.

Theory 1: They are decoys, designed to attract unsuspecting artistic-type people to the bridge. As the artistic-type person is standing there staring in rapt amazement at the decoys, the pigeons have ample time to swoop in unobserved and perform their perfidious deeds.

Theory 2: They are messages written to communicate with the pigeon Mother Ship. This theory is supported by such experts as Erich von Däniken, who naturally lend great credence to the idea. The peculiar fact that the messages are written beneath a bridge and are thus impossible to see from the air can be accounted for in the fact that they were written by pigeons, who are naturally quite bird-brained.

Theory 3: The spiraling lines are a plot by the seagulls to defeat their pigeon foes. The intent is that the pigeons will fly beneath the bridge, see the lines, try to follow them, get very dizzy, fall over helpless onto the road, and then be pulverized by passing SUVs.


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