Monday, July 04, 2005

These are a few things on my mind...

1. The BDP.

*Lots of cheeping noises.

*One new DP, right at the edge of the bridge. Still looks much like a Pigeon, barring its lack of head.

2. The G8.

I wonder why the protesters, who are clearly so concerned about the world, think it's ok to come up here and drop litter everywhere. Seriously, the streets were carpeted in rubbish. Damned people.

3. World's Wildest Police Videos.
"Deputy Randy Hammock"
Funniest name I've heard in ages.

4. My weekend.

I spent much of the weekend reading Agatha Christie books and watching Agatha Christie films.
I got through 'Mrs McGinty's Dead', 'Miss Marple's Final Cases', 'Murder in the Mews', and two others that I cannot remember. I also watched 'Lord Edgeware Dies' and 'Murder in Mesopotamia'.
Yesterday we watched a 1950s Vincent Price film: 'The Bat'. It was pretty cool.


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