Thursday, June 23, 2005

B to the D to the muthafucking P


*Pigeon outposts on the ajoining warehouse, previously Seagull territory.

*No sign of Seagulls.

These two signs lead me to believe that the Pigeon / Seagull turf war has blown up BOOM! and the Pigeons have won this fight. There can be no other explanation.

*Smooshy DNA Pigeon has (I looked a little closer today) some feathers and bones glued to the road underneath the goo. Yuk.

*SSDP is progressing nicely. About half an inch thick throughout.

*Previously un-noticed Pigeon now no longer quite as Pigeon - shaped.


At 1:45 pm, Anonymous Lt. Gen. LaMa, Pigeon H.Q. said...

War Communique - Pigeon Air Force HQ
23 June 2005

passed Censor; approved

Our Ops Room send out 3 squadrons of Pigeons at 08:45 GMT to intercept a number of enemy gulls heading for the bridge. Interception took place over -----; 3 flights of Pigeons took on approximately 12 enemy gulls. Heavy dogfighting ensued but our pilots held on bravely. One Pigeon was lost, all other managed to return to base for refueling. At least 8 gulls were reported downed or damaged. Another Victory for Our boys! The Observers Corps reported another flight of grey gulls at 15:22 GMT in sector 12, but all fled upon the arrival of our Spitpigeons, who then returned to base gloriously. Hurray, Tallo Ho and all that stuff.

Special Mention in Dispatches:
* nr. 666 (BDP) squadron for maintaining excellent discipline despite heavy pressure and losses;
* sgt. flyer R. Ookoe, for maintaining the engagement with an overwhelmiing majority of enemy gulls while his tail feathers were on fire. Bailed out and landed savely after downing at least 3 gulls, confirmed by Air Gunnery Corps observers.


Lt. Gen. LaMa, AF Operations Commmander sector 3, Royal Pigeon Force

At 1:50 pm, Anonymous W. Churchill said...

Never ever in the history of Pigeon conflict
Has so much been owed by so many, to so few

And remember;
We will fight on the Bridges, we will fight in the air
We will fight on the rooftops, in the streets....

At 6:48 pm, Anonymous Concerned Citizen said...

I think we should be worried, the URL below was left on my doorstep today:


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