Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Accipiter and LaMa describe the BDP...

"The Bridge of Dead Pigeons is one of the highlights of Edinburgh, and its fetid aroma is detectable from all over the city. Like the City Sewers and other dank areas, the BDP was formed by manual labourers many years ago.On the right-hand side there are signs of early graffiti of about 1970-1985 AD, when the high ground was defaced by menacing animals and marauding pigeons. It was a strategic pigeon perch from which to spy advancing artists from a distance, and the view from the BDP today -- framed by dead pigeons in the shadows, or dramatic piles of offal to turn the nose -- remains unsurpassed in Edinburgh."

"The Bridge of Dead Pigeons was made world famous by the celebrated website "Museum of Hoaxes", as part of a guerilla cyber-art project by noted urban artist Boo of the Haggii. Ever since her graphic descriptions of filth and decay, as a symbol for the corruption of our society, appeared on the net, hundreds of young alternative web geeks have come to Edinburgh for the sole purpose of seeking out the bridge. The Dead Pigeons have become symbol of the decay of morals in our society, and the ever present poo is a strong metaphor of the contribution of our mass media, although artist Boo once stated that it symbolises our Politicians as well. As a symbol of the demise of our urban environment captured in a vivid art project, the bridge is worth a visit by those with a sense of the odd and thoughtfulness"

"The BDP is open to the public 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Admission is free, but donations to the Feed The Starving Boo Society are welcomed eagerly. Beer is not provided, so bring your own."

These men are very clever bunnies.


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