Thursday, June 30, 2005

BDP Woohoo!

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On my own street!

*As I walked out to the kerb, a Pigeon took off at high speed in the opposite direction. They have been watching me. Maybe I should stop sleeping with the window open.

*A blackbird chasing a squirrel. Nothing to say about that except it was hilarious.

BDP News!

*BPC is still in gutter. It is looking a little hunchier than it was.

*New Spectacular Dead Pigeon in the middle of the road. One whole white wing leading to a scarlet spatter that goes on for about three feet. Glorious.

Many thanks to the intrepid BDP photographer (whom we shall call merely ‘M’) who took these shots.


At 1:32 pm, Anonymous Charybdis said...

Kudos to the brave M. Being a combat photographer in a war zone is extremely dangerous, plus the Pigeon Confederacy might not like him documenting their defeats and may try 'censoring' him. Be careful M!

At 12:03 am, Anonymous Smerk said...

Your photographer truly captures the horrors of the BDP!


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