Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Pictures, pictures everywhere, and not a drop to... oh.

Today we are all about the pictures.

1) Graffiti near the BDP. Probably my favourite graffiti in town.
Image hosted by

2) My second favourite graffiti. So imaginative!
Image hosted by

3) Part of my garden, in the damp.
Image hosted by

4) A beeyootiful rose. Well, an interesting one, anyway.
Image hosted by

5) Seeing as this is the official BDP diary... this is the Headless Pigeon after a day or two of dampness.
Image hosted by

Thanks, as ever, to the intrepid 'M' for his Pigeon photography. It's difficult to get pictures in the dark, in the middle of the road.

Oh, and BDP news...

*Headless Pigeon is smushy (see above).

*One broken egg.

*Loud cheeping.

*Seagulls active nearby.

*Infighting spotted amongst Pigeons.

*Two of what might be Collared Doves, but equally might be Pigeons in disguise, have moved into our garden. Attempts to photograph them have been unsuccessful.

Phew! I think that's everything. Riots around the town etc etc etc. I wish the protesters would stop it. It's not like it's helping.

Right! On with your day.


At 7:40 am, Anonymous Smerk said...

Why does "M" have to take the pigeon pics in the dark?

And the second bit of graffiti is imaginitive! Must've taken a bit of time for them to have carved it out.

At 10:23 am, Blogger Hieronymus Anonymous said...

Smerk: because it's under a big bridge. It's dark.

And the graffiti - I assumed that it had been scratched in whilst wet. But you know what they say about assuming...

At 11:03 am, Anonymous Smerk said...

Get M a torch!


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