Monday, July 25, 2005

My dramatic life, links, BDP, books and horrible thoughts.

Saturday we went to see the Fantastic Four. It was quite good. Lots of pretty explosions and CGI. Even if the guy playing Dr Doom was the guy from Nip/Tuck. We had dinner at a place called International Starters where (you guessed it!) the whole menu is starters, so you just order lots of different ones. The Italian pizza bread with pepperoni was lovely, but the loaded potato skins were disappointingly bland.

Well, I was working on Sunday at a ‘Japanese’ event. That basically meant that we ran all the same crafts as last time, but instead of, for example, ‘Fairy Tale Pebbles’, it was ‘Japanese pebbles’. Adds up to much the same thing anyway. Kids paint rocks. Woo. It just means I get covered with paint and dust.

Plus, we have an invasion of spiders in our bathroom. They’re about an inch – inch and a half across, and they’re all speedy and leggy and scuttly. And they appear to live in the wall.

Right! Links!

Go to! And learn and laugh and l.. um... limp? FAQ. Strangely fascinating.

Now, as for the BDP, there’s still the disturbing lack of actual Dead Pigeons. However, there are inexplicable beer barrels. Mostly by the caved-in door, but one is firmly under the bridge. I wonder how these fit into the saga.

I’m currently re-reading ‘The Murder of Roger Ackroyd’. I bought a book by Pierre Bayard called ‘Who Killed Roger Ackroyd?’ which, rather presumptuously I thought, suggests that Poirot, and by extension, Agatha Christie, got the wrong person, so I thought I’d re-read the original before I got into that one.

Horrible thoughts ahead!
My brain appears to be missing that middle brain function which cuts out horrible ideas before they either appear as full-blown thoughts, or before I say them.
Ok, here goes.
Someone, somewhere, must have come up with Poirot/Hastings slash fiction.
And then I had thoughts about thighs, and moustaches, which I won't write here because it makes my brain convulse.


At 8:40 am, Anonymous Smerk said...

Nip/Tuck guy is Julian McMahon. He's Aussie. Don't forget it!

At 11:19 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I've read some. Oops. It is so very very very very very wrong.


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