Thursday, June 28, 2007

Photodump 3 (Now with added book reviews!)

We found a circle of stones in a park near our house. There's one from each area of Scotland.
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Matt standing on the Aberdeenshire stone.
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Jumping on East Lothian...
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...and on the City of Glasgow...
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...and some more...
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Some giant nettles.
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Books I have been reading/rereading over the last few days.

The Wench is Dead - Colin Dexter.
I've never read one of his before, and never really watched any Inspector Morse on TV either. It was... ok. It was fairly interesting, as far as the actual investigating went, but I found the plot in between dull.

The Medusa Child - Sylvie Germaine (translated by Liz Nash).
This book was a surprise to me. Incredibly lyrical and atmospheric. One of those books one keeps picking up, just to see what happens. Well worth a read.
I'm also halfway through The Weeping Woman on the Streets of Prague by the same author. So far, so good.

In a sharp contrast to that, I have been rereading The Latchkey Children by André Launay. It's a very 80s style of sort-of horror story - the tag line on the front of the book is: "Six kids belonged to the club. The seventh had to kill to join." This probably tells you a lot about the style of the book... Enjoyable, in a trashy sort of way - like The Amityville Horror, only without the claims to being true that drive me mad.

I've also been rereading Law of the Playground by Jonathan Blythe. This book, based on the website, makes me laugh out loud every time I read it. It makes me happy.

Finally, I very much enjoyed The Boy on the Bus by Deborah Schupack. The plot is that one day, when Meg goes to meet her asthmatic eight-year-old son from the school bus, the child that gets off just does not quite seem to be him. It's very eerie, and very good.

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At 6:49 pm, Anonymous Accipiter said...

*waits to hear the news reports regarding a giant pair of shoes smashing Glasgow into dust*

And where was the stone for Atlantis, since that was actually a Scottish land? Eh?

At 8:53 pm, Blogger oppiejoe said...

Thanks for sharing the pics Boo :)

At 11:26 pm, Blogger Nettie said...

That circle of stones looks so cool!

And that last book really sounds interesting...

At 2:59 pm, Blogger LaMa said...

Any orientations in the stone alignments? ;-)

At 6:23 am, Anonymous Shar said...

I saw the TV series 'The Latchkey Children' back in 1977 I don't remember anyone having to kill anyone though.


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