Thursday, November 17, 2005

Gloom and doom.

Right, this post is going to be whiny and self-obsessed. There. Now, if you continue reading, you can't say I didn't warn you.

* Work is sucking most dramatically. I have a huge project which I hoped to have finished by tomorrow. It's taken me months. Today, as I finished up the final few details, I received word from the overseers that there's a whole bunch of stuff they want me to change. I have a pile of backed-up work two feet high on my desk, and I am currently sharing an office with a man who has to be shown how to double click, how to scroll, how to save a bloody document, despite having worked with computers for ten years. And once I got him to double click, GOOD GOD! He does it all the time. I can feel my eye twitching every time I hear that little 'tictic' noise. Ironic, the noise is. Plus he sings, he asks me questions about things that he's thinking of, without telling me what it is that he's talking about, he has a constant monologue about what he's doing...

*My back has gone again. It hurts to sit up, but it's going to hurt a lot more when I lie down. Lookin' forward to that!

* My mood is steadily slumping. I'm on a downswing, and I can actually feel myself getting grumpier and more self-loathing by the hour. I'll probably go home and take it out on Matt, and then hate myself even more. Deservedly.

Here. Don't say I never give you anything.


At 5:03 pm, Anonymous accipiter said...

We love you, Hieronymus! Some of us maybe even platonically.

At 5:29 pm, Anonymous winona said...

Boobah is evil. I won't let the kiddo watch it, because I can't find any redeeming value. Mind you, I bet it would be fun to watch stoned.

I'm sorry that things are so sucky right now, dear. *sending you lots of feel better vibes*

At 5:54 pm, Blogger LaMa said...

* comforts Hieronymus *

Remember: in that mad office world out there, you're the only sane one.

Take care darling. We at the MoH are always there for you.

* hugs & love *

At 11:51 pm, Blogger ScarletManuka said...

Hey Chicky, know how you feel when it comes to your back. I've stuffed mine up again and have a delightfully painful chiro appointment to look forward too.

I know it's hard at the moment, but things really will get better. Maybe not tomorrow, but by next May, I'm sure things will be looking up!


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