Sunday, February 25, 2007

1, 2, 3, 4, 5.

1) Matt's taken to the fruit bars (marketed at babies) that we buy for the rats. On Friday he took one into work as his snack. We buy two different types - one some sort of weird organic sort, and one the Cow & Gate sort. I'm totally on his side - I've tried a bit of them, and they're really nice.
He said he was embarrassed because the one he took into work has a picture of a baby on the wrapper, and has '+12 months' written on it. I just figured that at least he was getting vitamins. He just figured that, if anyone asked, he could say they were made of babies.

2) We've been reintroducing the rats (they met for a moment when we first got Hob, but the vet suggested she didn't have stress when she was ill, so that was a no-no for a while). There was a tad of hilarious flailing, where they stood on their back legs and windmilled their forelegs, but then Hastings sat on Hob and groomed her and, after a while, Hob realised that Hastings is the boss. We've been quite intense in their reintroduction. Late last night, lunchtime today, then this evening. We think it's best that they get used to it quickly. I worried that if we left it for a couple of days, they might have to go through the original flurry again. They now play nicely together. Well, Hastings will jump on Hob and forcibly groom her, but Hob will roll over and act submissively with an almost visible air of boredom. The only strops occur when Hob is playing on me - then Hastings will shoulder barge her out of the way in a possessive manner.

3) I've been feeling pretty good the last couple of days. Sometimes unnacountably grumpy, but that passes quite quickly and, in general, I'm doing ok. I know I haven't been talking much about the varying levels of depression, but it's so incredibly boring for everyone other than me, and I prefer not to go into it. Unless, of course, I snap and end up ranting.

4) My brother H and his long-term girlfriend are coming round tomorrow night to meet the new pets. I'm doing them dinner of pepperdew poppers, followed by my delicious beef and bacon stew with mustard mash. I haven't seen them since New Year. I kind of miss H. And also his girlfriend. She fits into my family disturbingly well.

5) It's nearly 4.30am. I just needed to write down all the things before I forgot them. I'm also half-watching Dog the Bounty Hunter.

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At 11:28 am, Blogger ScarletManuka said...

You've been staying up awfully late the past few days love.
*looks stern*
Make sure you get your sleep! You need it!

I hope you enjoy your dinner, I know how much you've been looking forward to it!

At 8:29 pm, Blogger oppiejoe said...

1) I think Matt is old enough for the fruit barz :)

2) Rat boxing? Hastings & Hob are no longer forbidden friends... ...

3) You can rant to me if you need. Seems like everyone I know is dealing with depression on some level (self included).

4) Sounds like a wonderful dinner... wish I was there.

5) I'm a night owl myself Boo... but you do need to say when.


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