Friday, July 21, 2006


The horse... is a noble beast
From the mustangs of the west
To the stallions of the east
But the horse has a distant cousin
It lives... I do not know where
But its message of racial harmony
Is one that we all can share...

Hats off to the zebras!
They are black and white
They don’t fight
‘cause they’re not very good at it.

In a world of confusion
We all need a sign
If only we could live side by side
Like the stripes on a zebra’s spine...

Hats off to the zebras!

The humble badger
Takes a sip of morning dew
But he’s totally colourblind
So he can’t judge you.

But the badger is a dreamer
The badger has a plan
He knows that his destiny
Is to help his fellow man...

Hats off to the badger!
He is black and white
But he doesn’t fight
Except for mating rights and territory.

The black man and the white man
Both they need to shave
United by the badger brush
He’s helping from beyond the grave...
From beyond the grave…

Hats off to the badger!
What about the tapir?
Half zebra, half pig
Imagine the stig-
But the tapir stands proud…

Hats off to the tapir!
Badgers and zebras, skunks, oh yeah
And ring-tailed lemurs
Living together in harmony
And if the killer whales can do it
Why can’t we?

God, I love Bill Bailey, and his songs...

Also, if you haven't, go look at Dave and Huw's websites, bee-hutches!


At 7:25 pm, Blogger thunderstruck said...

I love him and his songs too!

I loved him on never mind the buzzcocks, I forget if they are still making it? Havent seen it in a while


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