Thursday, April 06, 2006


Having had a think about it, I'm going to keep this thing going for as long as I enjoy it.

As for today:

Firstly, I apologise for the melodramatic sound of yesterday's post.

It wasn't supposed to be a (hideous, emo-kid, LJ crap) rallying cry for you all to tell me how I should keep on blogging. It was merely that, for the first time, I have to admit that the blog is about me and my experiences, thoughts and opinions, rather than a diary of happenings under the Bridge (with asides). I've not got the option of hiding behind that any more, and it's scary.

Since you're all bright people, you'll have worked that out already, but you know me - it takes me a while to catch up.

So, in order to scupper your (frankly, rather odd) expectations of me (funny and insightful entries? keen insights? What are you guys smoking?), here's a list of what was in my bag when I cleaned it out yesterday evening.

In order of extraction:

About 47 receipts
3 books
Pirate gloves
Double-headed teddy bear
Work badge
Broken MP3 player clip
2 packets of painkillers
MP3 player
Bit of paper with a friend's email address scrawled on it
2 sets of keys
Keyring of a 'guardian angel' (broken off one of my keys)
Lip gloss
Pair of hair clips
Pirate tin
3 hairbands
2 pens
6p in pennies
Chewing gum

ETA: From Nettie and LaMa's comments, I feel I should post this picture.

No, it's not what one would call a handbag.
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At 12:53 pm, Blogger ScarletManuka said...

Yep, the bigger the handbag, the more crap we women stuff in them.

At 2:04 pm, Blogger LaMa said...

Handbag? You sure it wasn't a shopping bag?

At 3:55 pm, Anonymous oppiejoe said...

Wowzers!!! all that in there!!

At 7:39 pm, Blogger Mouse said...

The bag I'm currently using is my Star Wars backpack with Darth Maul on it. I'm so cool...

At 4:15 am, Anonymous smerk said... bag contents is never that interesting....

At 10:21 am, Blogger Mort said...

I checked my Rucksack (Which I usually carry evrywhere) and it contains the following:

3 issues of Fortean Times, only one half-read.
Rebel/Copperhead by Bernard Bornwell.
Some Filter Tips.
An empty Carrier Bag.
Headphones for my phone.
A savings account application form.
3 Billion bus tickets.
My Wallet.
My Jumper.

Not quite as good as yours...but then you are a woman and therefore hoarding comes natural. I once had a female friend who's bag always contained a multitude of condiment sachets from various fast-food chains. Great when you needed a quick fix of Sour-cream and chive sauce.


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