Wednesday, October 05, 2005


I am currently reading (for about the 15th time) Lynne Truss's book 'Eats, Shoots & Leaves'.

She mentions a sign in New York that said:

"Nigger's Out"
Under which, someone had written "But he'll be back shortly".

It reminded me of a, sadly, painted-over piece of graffiti under a bridge here in Edinburgh which read:

"Britian for the Brits!"
Under which, there was:
"Stupid Nazi. Learn to spell!"

There. That was painless, if boring, right? Right?


At 12:57 am, Blogger Camille Moriarty said...

Graffiti-spotting is one of my many useless vaguely music-related hobbies. Recently there has been a lot of graffiti splashed about by someone who signs themself as "bunK" with a curly-tailed K. Someday I'm going to wander around with a camera snapping all the instances of "bunK," "eK" and "Hot Boy" I see. To the untrained eye it will look like random snaps of mailboxes etcetera but who cares?

At 5:20 am, Anonymous smerk said...

Hmm...I think "Reclam the strets" is better...

At 11:21 am, Blogger Hieronymus Anonymous said...

Yeah, me too, Smerk.
Actually, at the moment 'fistfull of arseholes' is my favourite, despite the spelling mistake.

I just kept thinking about the 'stupid Nazi' graffiti, and couldn't get it out of my head.

At 7:02 pm, Blogger Camille Moriarty said...

Reclam the strets...nice one.
I'm afraid American graffiti is in fact a little boring, because mostly it is people wandering around putting their (assumed) names on things (mine is Jasper, written with curliques) but in Washington DC this summer there were some lovely ones advising the people to ...well... the President.

At 10:59 pm, Anonymous bored. said...

Lynne Truss has many good points, but she screws it up herself a few times. I thoroughly enjoyed that book, but she wasted so much time protesting the movie 'Two Weeks Notice', claiming there was meant to be an apostrophe in the word 'weeks', but if she thought about it for a second, the word week didn't possess any part of the sentence. sorry, no apostrophe. There were other instances too, but i haven't the book on hand.

At 8:49 pm, Blogger Camille Moriarty said...

Yeah, that book wasn't as accurate as it could have been. Oddly enough it was a New York Times bestseller, which is further proof that my fellow natives of Beefburger-Skyscraper-and-Yellowcabland are somewhat lacking in intelligence. No offense meant, Mr. President.

At 9:03 am, Blogger Hieronymus Anonymous said...

I feel I ought to defend Lynne Truss a little.
The book wasn't perfect, no. But she is only human (albeit with editors etc. and being an editor(?) or copywriter(?)).
And it being in the bestseller charts doesn't mean that the people are stupid for buying it because some items are inaccurate, but rather reflects people's enjoyment of her excellent style of writing.

I know that's why I like it...


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