Friday, February 11, 2011

Matt and I may just be nerds.

Or geeks. Or whatever.
I was making dinner this evening, and I suddenly thought "I haven't shown my friends my life-sized cardboard cutout of R2D2!"
(Photo taken from above...)

And then I got distracted by other things.

My DS with Star Wars and Doctor Who styluses.
On top of our TV.
I love that Spiderman is kissing Iron Man's shoulder.

RoboCow (MOO) lives on top of the microwave.

A pile of books that I've been reading (amongst others) over the last couple of weeks.

D&D books and playstation controller.

Cerberus guards our door.

Matt took this photo. I think he thought it was nerdy because of the dice. I love that he didn't notice it's even nerdier because we roll our dice in the lid for a Star Wars RPG.

And I thought I was exaggerating. And then Matt pointed out we were wearing these:
Me, a Dalek necklace.

Matt, a SNES t-shirt.

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At 12:31 am, Blogger Nettie said...

From one nerd (or geek - whatever!) to another - I love you! In all your nerdiness! It makes you who you are and that person is wonderful *hugs*

At 2:34 am, Blogger Nettie said...

Yay for even *more* nerdy photos :)

At 9:47 pm, Blogger Acci said...

Her nerdosity is part of her charm, after all!

And my word verification thingie this time is "bless". . .


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