Monday, June 12, 2006


I tend to have a really bad case of what Mimi Smartypants calls 'Slumber Party Syndrome', where I can be practically dead on my feet, but as soon as I'm in bed, I get all chattery and giggly.

Well, we're sleeping on the floor at the moment (don't ask - it's too long to explain, and it's uninteresting), and I was lying there last night, looking up at my bookcases.

Me: You know, I assume that one day those will fall over on me and smash my head in. [pause] Y'know, brains all coming out of my ears. That would be ironic, I suppose.
Matt: In what way ironic?
Me: Well... umm... live by the book, die by the book.
Matt: Ye-e-e-es.
Me: Or I'm going to die in that lift at my work.
Matt: Well, do you live by it?
Me: Within walking distance!
Matt: Well then. You'll die within walking distance of the lift.

Me: How come nobody ever goes for the 'live by the oxygen, die by the oxygen' quote? Because I'm pretty sure it assists my living.
Matt: Live by the electrical impulses in the brain, die by the electrical impulses in the brain?
Me: Can the body survive unaided when the brain is dead? Wait, no, of course not. Ignore that. There was that chicken, though, who got his head cut off and lived because he had just enough brains left.
Matt: He seemed like quite a happy chicken.

Me: Humans have some weird internal organs, don't they... ummm, I mean, we?
Matt: Yes. Yes they.. we do.
Me: Obviously I am 100% a human person.
Matt: A human person chock full of traditional human organs.
Me: Indeed. You should know that I feel strong affectionate emotions for you, male bonded partner.
Matt: I, too, feel strong affectionate human emotions for you, female bonded partner.
Me: Human emotions. Very important.

And then it was 2am, and now I'm virtually sleep-typing. Go me.


At 11:23 am, Blogger ScarletManuka said...


Very funny love. You guys tend to have very similar pointless conversations like Christian and I do.

At 8:26 pm, Blogger Mouse said...

You're weird. And you really should watch Coneheads next time you're up here.

At 12:21 am, Anonymous Ho-Beast said...

I've spoke to you enough times to know that you dont have to be sleep deprived to talk a load of balls like that!

At 12:45 am, Anonymous smerk said...

:D The two of you are very odd...

At 8:52 pm, Blogger Tru said...

And, now, having met you... I can picture this quite clearly!


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