Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Bitching, Bitching, Bird and Moon.

1. Glasses
There are some pros and cons about wearing glasses, I must say.
a) I can see.
b)I can chew on the legs of them whilst looking thoughtful. Eww, no. That's a con. Who wants manky, dribbly, half-chewed glasses? Not me.
c) They make me look wise. (AHAHAHAHAHAHA!)
d) They might protect my eyes marginally if I had acid thrown in my face?

a) I sometimes forget I'm wearing them, and make myself look stupid (and leave thumbmarks all over them) by trying to rub my eyes.
b) I tend to leave them places. Mostly at work.
c) They steam up when I go anywhere warm from anywhere cool. And, if it's raining (which, currently, is ALL THE BLOODY TIME), then they get all blotchy and smeary because it's filthy city water of mank which leaves grey smudges all over them until I polish them so hard that my hand drops off.
d) Most pathetically of all, if I'm not paying attention, I stab myself in the eye with the legs of them. Which makes Matt laugh and laugh.

2. Speaking of the DAMN RAIN, I am totally and utterly sick of this weather. It's been absolutely vile recently and, whilst I don't have S.A.D., I'm fecking DONE with it. Matt and I get the bus at 7.30am in the dark, with the freezing wind whistling round our ears, and the rain hurtling sideways. We eventually get to our respective works at about ten to nine, when it's just getting light (I'll save the damn bus rant for another time). The weather is grey and manky all day, then it gets dark about four. We finish at 5.30, and wait for the bus in the black and cold and wet.
I don't know. I've always been nocturnal - I like the dark. But it's all getting a bit much. I doubt it can make me more cynical, sarcastic, bitter and grumpy than I usually am, though.

3. And speaking of work... I'm now on my third week at the Pseudonym Radio Station. I'm still enjoying it, but I have become aware of some worrying gaps in knowledge around the place. People come up to me and ask me where the headed notepaper is kept, for example. Now, I've made it very clear that there's only one person who I can ask about this sort of thing, and she's mainly out of the office. I was left a small number of printed A4 sheets which told me my duties, but not really how to do them.

I don't say "I've been here for two weeks, and you've been here for two years. Why don't you tell me?", but I'm sorely tempted.

4. The bus home can sometimes be fun. Not the one from work to the centre of town, but the one from the centre of town to our house. There's a stretch of road just before our stop where they've done some slightly inefficient roadworks. There's a particular bus driver who tends to drive the one we catch, and she seems to have so much fun swerving around the hairpin bends and hitting the potholes so that the bus jumps.

Conversation today:
Matt: "Has that [other bus of the same number] been in front of us for a while and I hadn't noticed?"
Me: "Yup. But how did you know it was a [bus number]?"
Matt: "I can see the number tag."
Me: "Ah."
Matt: "I'm sorry. Was that too boring? I could tell from its aura."
Me: "Yes, dear."
Matt: "Its chakras were glowing."
Me: "Stop talking bollocks, dear."

5. Our christmas cactus has finally bloomed.

6. I'm adoring birdandmoon.com. Especially the comics. The Birds are Gross one makes me laugh, and laugh, and laugh. Matt and I have a new catchphrase - "I am so awesome."
If any friend who lives in the U.S. or Canada (the only places she appears to ship to) wants to do me a huge favour, I'm really jonesing for the three-poster pack, and the poster of the Palaeobet. I'll send you the money to pay for them and the postage if you would ship them to me! Let me know. I would love you forever!

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At 7:57 pm, Blogger NEO said...

I hate my glasses, but contacts don't work for me and I can't see a durn thing without them. So I is a love/hate relationship.

At 11:35 pm, Blogger Charybdis said...

I'll ship them to you. I've got a package I'm procrastinating on as it is.

At 6:25 am, Blogger Tah said...

I was going to say that I'd do it if no one stepped up by the time I got back from vacation, but Chary has already volunteered.

But if Chary can't do it consider me the first runner up, ready to step in and take on the responsibilities.

At 10:41 am, Blogger Nettie said...

I'll swap you your rain for our heat. We've had over 33C for the past four weeks now and it's driving me bonkers, especially since most of the days are in the high 30's or over 40's.

And I much prefer my contacts to glasses.

At 9:24 pm, Blogger LaMa said...

You forgot:

e) glasses on girls are sexy. It gives men fantasies of naughty secretaries...

At 10:47 pm, Blogger Mouse said...

1) I hated those problems with glasses too - that's why I got contacts.
2) I second the being-sick-of-the rain-and-dark.
3) Get a t-shirt that says 'Piss off, I don't care'.
4) You two are mental.
5) The cactus is lovely. :)
6) I love the turkey vulture one.


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